What is MusicAirport?
Read our basic information!

How, where?

Our signal is generated by our Control Tower in Faenza, Italy. It reaches our streaming server in Paris, France. From Italy to France and then straight to the World! With the great aid of some broadcasting applications. That's it.

Interested in opening your corporate webradio?

What is your FM frequency?
We don't need a FM frquency. We only transmit over the internet.

I am a musical genius, will you play my songs?
It's possible. Send us your song in Mp3 192kbps format. If we like it, be sure!
The email to send us your mp3 files is:

Can i suggest a song?
Sure, let us know!

I have an huge collection/experience about flight,
can it be usefull for your project?

Yeah! Welcome aboard!
What about making a donation?


I can't hear your radio!
First: go to the homepage and check MusicAirport Status under "Departures".
If you read " is Online"
the problem is up to your player, our signal works..
If you read " is Offline (No Source!)" it means our server might be down
for maintenance. No problem, music on demand should start automatically instead of the live stream. We will be back live as soon as possible!

Please report any problem!

Stream starts but keeps on re-buffering!
Too many passengers on the live stream?
Can be. Try again in a short time.
This means no problem for the on
The net itself may experience connection problems too, it's the world babe!

While opening the stream a strange file is showed.. Should i choose open or save
on that window? And what is that? A virus?

Sure!! Ahahha!
Ow, come on! Not at all!
It's just our "address" provided to your player,
so that u can listen! Just open it but saving won't cause damages anyway.

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