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is your free source for fresh and inspiring music, beautiful airport lounges are our mood.

This project comes from our passion for music and for flight. For those who love to travel for real or just with their own imaginatin, those who love to seat in that comfortable airport halls, ready to fly!

We love the idea of sharing our music with you: you can fly with us at anytime, at your office,
at home or wherever.

The radio is a medium with a fascinating history and a very bright future, a web-based radio even more. It has no borders.

While listening to our music you can easily reach our textual contents. Discover our featured artists, gift your eyes with on topic pictures, know more about flight and travel.

Enjoy your flight!



How to listen
uses a streaming technology
to provide good music!
There are different ways to listen to our music.

All you need is one of the following players:

Winamp   Windows Media Player    iTunes      

(Tip: Click on the logo to download)

or if you don't feel like installing just one more
stuff on your computer, go to the listen section
to open a web-based player.

Our bandwith is not infinite.. Some people
might be gifted with a "reserved seat" on
Just be nice, buy some merchandising

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