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What were you doing 4700 days ago?

Your webradio on the fly!

MusicAirport.com is truly dedicated to those who love to fly,
whether on a real plane or just with their own spirit.

We love the idea of sharing our passion for good music: listen to our playlists!
Our policy about choosing tracks involves the atmosphere of those
beautiful airport lounges.

Many artists might sound pretty new to you, dear passenger.
Go discover them. You may like some cool live events too!

Some extra content concerning people's passion for flight is
provided on this site:

Patrick Smith, a 38yrs-old-pilot hosting "Ask The Pilot" on salon.com can be found here. Want to know everything about your favourite airline?
Check-in here. Or check the current delay status of the major airports here.

Photo Galleries and more at the Flight Gate.
Download our free gifts!

Drop a line to rise up our enthusiasm for this project!
Contact us or support the project donating or shopping at our Duty Free Shop!

        Enjoy ur flight!
       Captain Randal,
        Captain T and
        the Cabin Crew

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