Richard Cheese

Richard Cheese & Lounge Against the Machine are a cover band and comedy act based in Los Angeles, California. The band's name is a play on that of rock band Rage Against The Machine.

Since 2000, the band has played concerts around the U.S.A. and Europe (including London and Portugal), and has made numerous television appearances, including performances on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Fox News Channel, CNN, and as the house band on NBC's Last Call with Carson Daly and MTV's Say What? Karaoke series.

The band specializes in playing lounge-style covers of recent popular rock and rap tunes, including those with offensive lyrical content. What sets them apart from an average cover band is the fact that they sing it in a calm/80s style jazz voice.
The best example is possibly their swanky cover of Disturbed's Down with the Sickness, which appeared in 2004's Dawn of the Dead which is supposed to be sung fast, with a deep and screamo voice, instead Richard Cheese sings it happily, in turn making a parody of it. The group has been giving the Vegas treatment to popular songs since 2000.

The line-up of the band consists of: Richard Cheese: vocals
Gordon Brie: double bass
Buddy Gouda/Frank Feta: drums
Bobby Ricotta: keyboards

The names are all pseudonyms, and new band members adopt the pseudonym of the player they replace. The only constant band member is Cheese himself, who is really a Los Angeles-based comedian and entrepreneur named Mark Jonathan Davis.
When the drummer Buddy Gouda (Charles Byler) left the band in 2004, he was replaced by Brian Fishler who changed the stagename for the drummer to Frank Feta. The role of pianist and musical director Bobby Ricotta is currently played by Noel Melanio, but was previously played by David Adler. The role of bass player Gordon Brie is played by Louis Allen, and was previously portrayed by Christopher Monaco.

Cheese's pseudonym is a slang reference to smegma, as Richard can be shortened to Dick, making his name "dick cheese".
Cheese himself regrets that this nickname gets any attention.