Boozoo Bajou

On the Nuremberg based Downbeat/Lounge/Nu Jazz Label STEREO DELUXE the group BOOZOO BAJOU released their 10 track debut album SATTA. Since 1997 the duo Peter Heider and Florian Seyberth aka BOOZOO BAJOU caught the eye of DJ's and other hipsters through the release of three twelve inch records (Night over Manaus, Under my Sensi & Divers) which brought a whole lot of club-play and smaller notification all over the world.

Two years later SATTA has sold more than 65.000 times all over the world excluding Bootlegs which surfaced in such strange places as Thailand. The album has turned into a classic and is described as a milestone for the downbeat scene. Those 10 tracks from SATTA can now be found on more than 120 CD compilations worldwide and the music was used on half a dozen top class tv adverts.

After bringing BOOZOO BAJOU on the road by djing all over the world in 2002 the group got lots of requests for a compilation CD of their favourite tracks by other artists. Subsequently they released JUKE JOINT a 20 piece mix compilation in spring 2003 which again got a worldwide positive feedback especially due to the wooden box which was the packaging for the limited edition. The release of THE REMIXES which was the last BOOZOO BAJOU closes the SATTA era for BOOZOO BAJOU. That CD features also recent remixes done by BOOZOO BAJOU for other artists like Tosca, Mousse T., Trüby Trio or Common & Mary J. Blige.

During 2003 BOOZOO BAJOU played a whole lot of live DJ shows (for example with Cinematic Orchestra in Berlin or at Vienna's Dubclub) and did a few more remixes for Tony Joe White, Henry Manchini and Nelly Furtado.
Currently they are back in their small studio in the north of Nuremberg working on tracks for the next album.